I’m Diggin’ My Doug: Planting Home Gardens in Douglas County is an educational program for 3rd, 4th and 5th graders that teaches children how to grow a plant while uncovering their deeper connections with our natural environment - water, air, earth, sunlight.This new, interactive approach includes energetic practices of yoga, movement, singing and laughing, quickly taking kids to a place of calm, eager receptivity.  This unique system connects children to gardening in intellectual, emotional and intuitive ways.

Attn Parents: If your child attended the kickoff workshop, please feel free to send in pictures of your child's "Doug" (aka their plant). We'd love to share it on this site as well as on Facebook! Email pictures to Glenn@Kreativo.org

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I'm Diggin My Doug: Planting Home Gardens in Douglas County

A children's educational program brought to you by The Douglas County Conservation District

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