Glenn Ballantyne,  Curriculum Creator


Glenn Ballantyne’s childhood included years of participating in 4-H activities. Plus, his parents grew up on farms and they shared their agriculture backgrounds and knowledge with their eager-to-grow & raise-things child.

Along with dogs and cats, Glenn loved raising lambs, ducks, guinea pigs, birds, lizards, snakes, toads and fish.  Out of the earth, he grew trees, bushes, bamboo, vegetables, groundcovers and herbs. His interest in gardening began in elementary school and carried on through college and with getting his Master Gardening certificate.  

Glenn was an elementary school teacher and that experience inspired him to create educational programs for children.  His areas of interest include music and teaching children about the deep and caretaker relationship humans have with animals and plants.  I’m Diggin’ My Doug grew out of this foundation.

I’m Diggin’ My Doug: Planting Home Gardens in Douglas County  is an educational program for 1st - 5th graders that teaches children how to grow a plant while uncovering their deeper connections with our natural environment - water, air, earth, sunlight. This new, interactive approach includes energetic practices of movement, singing and laughing, quickly taking kids to a place of calm, eager receptivity.  This unique system connects children to gardening in intellectual, emotional and intuitive ways.

This program involves the children singing an original theme song, which Glenn Ballantyne wrote, kids getting into postures of seeds, stems, branches and leaves, wiggling like worms, feeling rich soil, planting a seed and adding a spray of water.


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