A children's educational program brought to you by The Douglas County Conservation District

Attn: Douglas County, CO Elementary School Teachers

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1. Find a compostable container or a container with drainage holes in the bottom (paper milk cartons cut in half, plastic trays and post are common containers used)

2. Fill container with rich, well-drained soil. Fill containers but do not pack. Allow about ¾” from the soil surface to the rim of the container

3. Place 1-2 seeds in the soil and then sift soil over the seed to fill the container

4. Apply a fine spray of water to avoid washing the seed away, causing them to float to the soil surface. Cover the containers with plastic sheets or panes of glass and place in a cool room away from direct sunlight until germination

5. After seeds germinate, gradually move them into brighter light. When the seedlings have developed the first true leaves, thin to one plant per container.

6. Water seedlings carefully. Small containers used for starting plants dry out quickly.

7. About one week prior to planting-out time, gradually expose seedlings to longer periods of outdoors unless temperatures are below 50F. At the same time, reduce watering to a minimum as long as plants do not wilt. This will help the plants adjust to full exposure without undergoing undue shock at planting time.

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